Systems Engineering

Team lead, West Coast Route Modernisation

In Railtrack’s West Coast Route Modernisation project a Praxis teamWest Coast Route Modernisation worked with Railtrack staff to develop the overall system design for the railway and evaluate this design against the top-level requirements. Requirements for the major subsystems such as track and signalling were developed from the overall design. The overall integrity of the design and the subsystem requirements were managed in a systems engineering database which provided traceability and configuration control over the engineering information and ensured that the same information was re-used in requirements, modelling, design and safety assessment.

Requirements Engineering

Technical lead and consultant

Working with stakeholders in the industry I have elicited requirements forNew London Underground Train infrastructure projects such as interlockings, control centres and communications systems.

Bombardier Transportation used a Praxis team to define their new requirements process, based on REVEAL, to provide training, mentoring and tool support and to apply it to the requirements for metro rolling stock.


Colour light signalsSafety engineer, communication systems

I have carried out hazard analyses and modelling and developed safety requirements for railway communications systems. This has led to the development of an approach to integrating safety, security, integrity and requirements engineering which has been applied on a signalling project.

Consultant, railway system development

Clients developing software subject to railway safety standards such as Cenelec prEN 50128 have used consultancy to ensure that their development processes satisfy these standards.